The purpose of the SFA scholarship(s) is to perpetuate the memory of those personnel who served in Special Forces Units throughout the world.

Toward this end, Arizona Chapter XXII, of the Special Forces Association annually awards a scholarship grant to the applicant(s) that most nearly meet the established criteria for the furtherance of their formal education in an accredited institution of higher learning to include Community Colleges with the intent on transferring credits to a University. Maximum educational attainment under this program is that of an Undergraduate Degree (Bachelor's). 

As such, Chapter XXII, of the Special Forces Association will maintain a permanent fund within its treasury with ample monetary reserves to honor each and every scholarship obligation as approved by its members. 

The scholarship grant(s) awarded by Chapter XXII, of the Special Forces Association towards a Bachelor's Degree shall be not less than $500.00 per year for a period of four years as recommended by the Scholarship Committee and approved by the membership. 



1. A high school graduate or a high school student anticipating graduation during the year of application, unmarried and under the age of 21 years at the time of application. 

Applicants over the age of 21 years who have attended an accredited institution of higher learning will receive credit for each year of successful attendance thereby increasing the age limitation. Only a maximum of four years will be allowed as credit to satisfy this age requirement. 

2. Applicants must be able to prove academic ability, interest in scholarship and leadership in relation to school and community affairs. A grade point average of 2.5 will be maintained and a copy of the student’s grades supplied to the Scholarship Committee before the next years check is sent to the student or the scholarship grant will cease.

3. At least three (3) Teacher Evaluation forms from faculty members of the school that the applicant is presently enrolled in are required.

4. By submitting a formal packet for this scholarship, the applicant or in the case of minors, the applicant's parents or legal guardian, agree with the following conditions: 

    a. All documents submitted as part of the scholarship application packet or directly concerning any part of the scholarship offered is the sole property of Chapter XXII, of the Special Forces Association.

    b. The use of all awardees names, pictures and other personal information for the purpose of promotion, advertising, and news releases is granted to Chapter XXII, of the Special Forces Association without any promise of favor or remuneration. 

        In this regard, all such names, pictures and personal information shall be used only for the betterment of this scholarship grant or for the recognition of the awardees. All releases shall be in good taste without maliciousness that will mar Chapter XXII, of the Special Forces Association Scholarship Grant or any of the awardees.

    c. The choice of the recipient or recipients for this grant rests solely with Chapter XXII scholarship committee. This choice shall be final and binding and all efforts to contest this choice shall be mute. 

5. In the event that two or more applicants most nearly meet the established criteria, preference will be given according to the listed order: 

A son, daughter or grandchild, natural or adopted, of an individual who served in a Special Forces  Unit, and who is currently a member of Chapter XXII, Special Forces Association in good standing, and who meets the scholarship grant criteria indicated above. A priority exception will be given to the sons and daughters of those SF individuals who were KIA/POW/MIA and are still unaccounted for.



Annually, the Scholarship Committee with the approval of Chapter XXII membership will insure the adequate announcement of the availability for this scholarship grant through the various educational institutions, news media and other mass communications systems as required. 

This announcement shall not be made earlier than 15 January or later than 15 March of the year that the award is intended to be granted. All announcements shall be documented and included in the Awards and Scholarship file, which will be maintained by the Association's Secretary upon the completion of the project.



The deadline for all informal inquiries and application requests is 15 March of the year in which the grant is to be awarded.

The deadline for the submission of all packets is 15 April of the year that the grant is to be awarded.  After review, the Scholarship Committee will recommend the list of recipients to the Chapter Board of Officers for approval no later than 1 May.



Approximately 18 May, Scholarship Recipients will be notified via mail (E-mail) of their award. Acceptance of this award by the recipient must be acknowledged in writing (E-mail) within thirty (30) days of notification.

Notification of all other applicants who were not selected shall be made within ten days after the recipient is selected informing them of their non-selection and thanking them for their participation.

Should the recipient decline the award for whatever reason, the first alternate shall be notified as being selected for the award without delay.



The awarding of this scholarship grant must be performed in a manner that honor and dignity the award. The award shall take place as soon as possible after acceptance by the recipient.

If possible, the presentation should be made at a formal occasion such as a class graduation or school assembly to insure proper recognition for the recipient. If this is not possible, The Scholarship Committee shall arrange a ceremony.





An account known as the Chapter XXII Special Forces Association Scholarship Fund shall be maintained in a federally insured financial institution and will not be co-mingled with the funds of-the general treasury of the Chapter.

This scholarship fund will accumulate monies earned, donated, bequeathed or raised for that specific purpose. The Treasurer of Chapter XXII, Special Forces Association shall be the trustee of this fund according to the By Laws as set forth by the Board of Directors, Officers and General Membership of the Special Forces Association.

September 15, 2012